Friday, 9 December 2016

Evaluation of final product

The product I think was highly successful. I created the Micro:bit resource in order to demonstrate the final product to the teachers today. As a whole our lead up to this was good to. The final brief for the students microbit monster was strong, clean and concise. Again it was a very open resource so it was up to the teachers to present this as they wish - whether they had open some of the other tutorials or had these hidden away, or whether they had no help at all (or worked in pairs!). We had a clear guideline - you must include x, y, z and to make this better include even more!
It was accessible for students and teachers alike and as a whole I believe rounded up all the individual sessions nicely. The worksheet that went with this could have been slightly improved upon but this was only a potential sheet - again it was up to the teachers as to whether they wanted to use this.
The overall homework task worked nicely too - it connected with the brief and joint all the sessions together. We provided a small example of what could be accomplished by the end of the sessions for this too.

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