Thursday, 8 December 2016

Why the Teachers notes?

As opposed to creating a ready to use resource that a teacher could simply give to the children then sit back, I decided to meet them in the middle. Whilst I did create a resource that teachers can give to their students they will have to do some editing first- or simply take inspiration from this resource.
The teachers notes provide hints and tips on how to edit the resource, so that it will be best suited to their class - and how to help students in terms of differentiation and learning styles.
As to best work for most learners I created lots of visual features. In ICT it can be difficult to create a very kinaesthetic learning experience, but the micro:bit can help this. All the lessons when pieced together can appeal to the kinaesthetic learner - moving around the class to use the compass, and shaking the accelerometer - finally resulting in the mini monster. The teacher could also create an example of the function they are creating that day - great for kinaesthetic learners, so they can examine and get an idea of the functions. Visual learners may do best, purely because in terms of accessibility for all, images can be the best tools. The mix of demonstrations and text based learning works well for the resource, and for many types of learners.
Auditory learners may not benefit as much from the resource as it is, but when teachers use the resource effectively, speaking some things out and altering the resource in some ways - e.g. creating a screen capture video, using their voice as well as the drag and drop functions in order to appeal to all learners.

For those in the class may have any special learning needs or disabilities, the teacher does know best. The teachers notes give a brief idea as to how the sessions can be broken up, and put into teams or broken down into individual work pieces. They also provide ideas on how they can be presented (e.g. comparing the 8 ball accelerometer to a board game), making it more accessible for all learners.

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