Thursday, 8 December 2016

Naace - the education technology association.

I looked to Naace's ICT KS3 Framework for further inspiration on our project. It is described below:

The Naace ICT Framework provides an audit and planning tool to enable schools to deliver a broad and balanced ICT curriculum and provide a clear progression from EYFS to Key Stage 3. It provides a firm basis for KS4 studies. Whilst some suggestions are given about fleshing out the framework and about approaches to teaching and learning, there is sufficient flexibility and choice for a school to develop and personalise the curriculum so that it best meets the needs of their learners within their local context.

This framework I feel really relates to the clients brief - and is most related to the Micro:bit!
The 3 core foundations of the framework are seen below
I felt the Micro:bit best linked to all of these, linking well to the Governments KS3 curriculum but also extending on this in a positive way.

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