Friday, 9 December 2016

Why we used Sway

We were originally going to use Mix and not Sway to create the resource - we chose to switch as we liked that sway was different to the standard PowerPoint set up - some children might prefer this and find it more engaging. Another pro of using Sway for us was that it is very easy to duplicate - we shared our resources with Aidan via duplicating our original and allowing him to edit them - all online which is great as if it you loose a memory stick or something that holds your normal files, it is still available online.

One of the great features about Sway is that is fairly basic - it hasn't got too many additional bells and whistles. This means that pupils will be less distracted and hopefully remain more on tasks - it remains clear and concise. However there are a wide range of things that we have still used to make the resources more fun and engaging - such as Kahoot and Magic 8 ball.

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