Friday, 9 December 2016

Evaluation of personal accelerometer resource

I felt my Accelerometer resource was fairly strong. I had a brief explanation as to what the accelerometer did, followed by what the Magic 8 ball is and a fun website that runs on the same concept as the magic 8 ball.
By using step by step instructions with explanations as to why they are selecting x tab, and why you have to create numbers for the magic 8 ball to relate to the phrases provided, I felt the resource was strong - a teacher or student who have never coded before could easily try to use the resource and most likely succeed. Teachers have a better understanding of their pupils abilities, and I'd rather make the resource as detailed as possible to they can takeaway ideas and steps, than make it 'underdone' as some teachers may not think the resource is open enough or accessible enough for their pupils to understand.

By keeping the resource itself as open as possible it enables teachers to create lots of ways of making the lesson their own. For example I gave suggestions as to how the work could be done in pairs or in teams or even individually. I also gave suggestions as to how the teacher could compare the 8 ball micro:bit to a board game which meant that the children using the resource might find it more relatable.

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